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Oscar Wilhelm Hogrelius born 1865!

Oscar Hogrelius. 

Among the foremost builders in 
the Woodcliff section is Oscar 
Hogrelius. Although in business 

only a few years, he has erected 
numerous buildings, and has prac- 
tically built up the whole length of 
29th Street, Woodcliff. He special- 
ized in cozy residential dwellings, 
for which that section is so well 
known. He has, however, of late 
erected two large, beautiful apart- 
ment houses on 28th Street. Mr. 
Hogrelius built the Church of In- 
tercession in New York. He is one 


of the most successful contractors 
and builders in the northern part 
of the county. He is thorough in 
every detail, energetic, and practical 
in carrying out his contracts, and 
prompt in all he undertakes. His 
splendid foresight, integrity, and 
sound judgment, and his capacity 
for business has brought him into 
more than local prominence. As 
his business has always occ.upied 
his full time, he has never affiliated 
himself with any political or frater- 
nal organization.' He takes a great 
interest in church work, and is, na- 
turally, much interested in civic 

Mr. Hogrelius was born in Swe- 
den, January 25th, 1865. There he 
received his early education and 
later learned his trade. In 1899 he 
immigrated to this country, and 
settled in New York, later moving 
to Woodcliff, where he soon after 
engaged in business for himself. 

In 1906 he married Edith Olson, 
with whom he has one son, Olaf . 

Här är systern som bara var 17 år när hon tog båten över till USA:

First Name:Clara
Last Name:Hogrelius
Ethnicity:Sweden, Swedish
Last Place of Residence:
Date of Arrival:Sep 10, 1894
Age at Arrival:  17y    Gender:  F    Marital Status:    
Ship of Travel:California
Port of Departure:Helsingborg Goteborg
Manifest Line Number:0303

Brodern Fredrik: 
Birth: Oct. 10, 1873, Sweden
Death: 1952
Elko County
Nevada, USA

Frederick/Frederik/Fred E. (Elias) Hogrelius/Hoggrelius (various versions of his given and surnames are shown on official documents).
-He is shown on Swedish immigration documents as departing from Goteborg, Sweden on 20 June, 1890 with a destination of New York.
-He is shown on U.S. WWI draft documents listing his neares
t relative as Clara A. Hogrelius, living @ San Fransisco, California. -He is shown on a 1920 US census as living @ South Fork, Nevada and also in 1930 as living @ Lamoille, Nevada. On both documents he is listed as single/not married. Fred E. Hogrelius is buried on private property that was probably owned by him in 1952 when he died. At the time of burial the locality would probably have been known as Lamoille because the specific name of Spring Creek was not generally used until around 1970. The exact location of the grave/headstone is up on a small hill @ 449 Spring Creek Pkwy, Spring Creek, Nevada. The grave is not so commonly known to anyone but the owners of the property on which it is located.  Burial: Fred E. Hogrelius Gravesite Spring Creek Elko County Nevada, USA Plot: Up on a hill @ 449 Spring Creek Pkwy. Created by: Rick S.
 In the paper are Anna dauther to Gustav but it is not truth , Fredrik and Oscars brother!!
 When she was in sweden a few weeks on vacation so 
was a little girl with she.Anna died and how the life for the little girl be? 
In Finland I found papers with persons with the name "Hogrelius" but they are not in our clan
 from sweden!
Anna Hogrelius born 1871 and dead 1902 maybe are from the Finnish clan Hogrelius?

 But the Finnish name here are Swedish?

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